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All About KevinN


'If I was ever guilty of something, its for being a hardcore passionate for pure comedy...the freedom to express myself and to say the truth, nothing but truth and only the truth, and making people laugh in the process is something incredible.' KevinN

A Creative & Art Director by profession, a father by choice, and actor & stand up comedian through passion & ambition. Married for over 10 years, and a father of two beautiful girls, Kevin started his acting career in his 30’s, but was always drawn to rein-acting out his favourite movie characters/scenes. By creating his own world to imagine in and act in, he’s basically, lived out his youth with a wild imagination.

Being funny simply came from within, it’s in his nature and has been making his friends and family laugh since his early years.

'In the end, I get to put myself out there and bare all, and that is a feeling that one can’t get anywhere else but on stage!' Kevin

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