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If you are an 80's kid...

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

No secret that I am an avid 80's tv lover, be it comedy, film or series...I believe that decade was an iconic decade in terms of film making, child stars, and legendary characters which live on till this very day and have had remakes done simply because they are too good to let die...

So, if I meet you and you are an 80's kid, and I ask you 'How many times have you watched The Goonies', and you answer me with 'Sorry, never watched it', please note that I will be slapping you across the face.

Here is a list of movies which any 80's kid MUST have watched, at least 10 times...

01. The Goonies

02. Ghostbusters 1 & 2

03. Weird science

04. Gremlins

05. Big Trouble in little China

06. BMX Bandits

07. The Karate Kid

08. Little shop of horrors

09. Police Academy

10. Gleaming the cube

Worthy mentions :


The Three amigos

Weekend at Bernies

and many more I could list down.

Let me know your favourites.

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