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My top 5 of all time

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Robin Williams, Louis C.K, Eddie Murphy, Billy Hicks, Chris Rock, Bill Burr, Kevin Hart and of course George Carlin are all comedians who have influenced my style of comedy and stage presence.

From the downright raw style of Louis C.K, Bill Burr and Eddie Murphy,

To the outrageously innovative Billy Hicks,

To the truthful Kevin Hart

To the incredible genius of Robin Williams...

....and to the one comedian who managed to educate through laughter, the legendary George Carlin, who in my opinion will remain, in terms of outspoken and edgy comedian, the number one stand up comedian ever to grace the stage (sure, little bit of acid helped on the way, but still)...Respect!

My Top 5

01. Robin Williams

02. Louis C.K

03. George Carlin

04. Billy Hicks

05. Eddie Murphy

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